Which CBD to Buy for Menstrual Cramps

The #8 Best CBD for Menstrual Cramps | Complete Guide

To put it simply, menstrual cramps are hiccups no woman likes. Tell a woman that you’re experiencing terrible menstrual cramps, and you will hear a pitying “ughh.” Menstrual cramps are distracting, annoying, and debilitating. You cannot function normally for a couple of days, can’t go to school or work because of the discomfort and pain. In this article we’ll dive deeper in which CBD for menstrual cramps to buy.

Informed health highlights that almost 10 out of 100 women experience terrible pain and cannot perform their usual daily activities. 

Before discussing “CBD for menstrual cramps,” let’s quickly wrap our heads around what causes menstrual cramps and how CBD can be your magical elixir! 

CBD effects

CBD Effects


Why Does a Woman Experience Period Pain?

Every month, your uterus preps itself for an incoming embryo by increasing your body’s estrogen levels. This escalating estrogen level builds up endometrial tissue in your uterus.

Then, after ovulation, the progesterone boost plumps up these tissues with blood and arteries. Since there is no guest to host, progesterone levels decrease, and hormone prostaglandin comes into action. 

causes of menstrual cramps

Prostaglandin – a notorious hormone and a culprit behind menstrual cramps – sheds the endometrium lining, constricts blood vessels, and contracts muscles. Thus, the shrinking of these tissues causes dull pain.

How CBD is a Better Alternative to OTC and NSAIDs for Period Cramps?  

A recent study published in The Global Library of Women’s Medicine stated that those women experience more pain whose endometrial tissues produce significant prostaglandin levels.

When the period pain kicks in, several women opt for ibuprofen tablets like Advil or other medications like Aleve or Tylenol. 

Why are OTCs or NSAIDs frequently prescribed for relieving menstrual cramps?

It is because NSAIDs inhibit a particular enzyme that is responsible for triggering prostaglandins. Therefore, these medications significantly decrease the symptoms produced by this hormone.

However, using NSAIDs for an extended period can cause horrible gastrointestinal problems because they also block another crucial enzyme. Thus, people with gastric issues should completely avoid them. 

How Does CBD Work?

Since these medications cause adverse effects, health-savvy women go for natural and organic remedies – CBD is one of them – to ease menstrual cramps. 

CBD, like NSAIDs, also blocks prostaglandin-triggering enzymes. However, CBD provides its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory advantages by not blocking that specific enzyme responsible for creating GI tract side-effects.

CBD for Menstrual Cramps

CBD products for menstrual cramps are available in several formulations:

  • Take CBD sublingually, i.e., place drops underneath your tongue.
  • Apply CBD topical lotions, creams, and rubs
  • Chew CBD gummies 
  • Inhale CBD oils through vaporizers
  • Swallow CBD capsules with water

Besides these options, there are other emerging solutions for menstrual cramps called vaginal suppositories. These CBD treatments are usually taken intravaginally and rectally via an applicator. These suppositories instantly provide muscular relaxation and cramp relief. 

Moreover, cannabidiol suppositories contain cocoa butter, coconut oil, and hemp oil. These treatments are velvety and will instantly melt inside your body. Plus, these products are either 100mg full or broad-spectrum. 

Even though suppositories are similar to tampons, you should never smear CBD oil directly on your tampons. This practice might cause bacterial vaginosis – a bacterial infection. 

For first-timers, gummies or pills will be the worry-free and better option.   

What Should You Look for Before Buying CBD Products?

Like any other product, different companies produce different cannabidiol products. 100% organic and non-GMO hemp products are usually the preferred choices. 

Therefore, before buying from any company, look for their products’ organic certificates. Moreover, the other crucial thing to check for is the extraction method used by the manufacturer. 

An extraction technique makes a difference. For instance, using CO2 extraction to extract cannabidiol oil will give you CBD in its purest form. Therefore, before buying a product, you must check how much cannabidiol you will get in a milliliter.  

how CBD oil helps with menstrual cramps

CBD products are usually available in three forms:

  • CBD isolates are the most purified form of cannabidiol obtained from the hemp plant. It is the perfect pick for individuals who do not feel like getting high. 
  • Full-spectrum CBD products possess all phytochemicals present naturally in a cannabis plant. It also includes trace THC content, usually below 0.3%.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD products also offer full benefits; however, they are THC-free. Moreover, these products are ideal for THC sensitive individuals or those afraid to try cannabidiol items. 

List of CBD Companies that Will Keep Menstrual Cramps at Bay

Here are a few CBD companies that sell top-notch products to make your menstrual cycle less painful. Try out the products from these CBD brands to reduce menstrual pain instantly!

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Closing Note

Those days are long gone when you are lying helplessly on the couch in pain. A woman’s wellbeing and health should never be compromised. 

By doing a little research, you can find the right CBD for menstrual cramps. This way you can alleviate your menstrual pain easily.