cbd oil for rheumatoid arthritis

Where to Buy CBD Oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis – a debilitating autoimmune disease – causes endless pain. Prescription medications such as pain killers and anti-inflammatories often cause negative aftereffects. Will CBD be a better alternative? Cannabidiol enthusiasts rave about CBD’s health benefits. Since CBD works wonders when it comes to treating various diseases, individuals often think if it will work for rheumatoid arthritis as well. In this article we’ll answer the question: “where to buy cbd oil for rheumatoid arthritis?”

cbd oil for rheumatoid arthritis

If it does help, which CBD oil for rheumatoid arthritis should I buy? This article covers all these questions. Stick around to learn about which CBD oil to use to ease your arthritis symptoms.

CBD effects

CBD Effects


Rheumatoid Arthritis – A Typical Autoimmune Disease

This chronic inflammatory disease affects 1% of the population. Women are more prone to rheumatoid arthritis, and it occurs between the ages of 40 and 60. 

Since it is an inflammatory disease, it means that rheumatoid arthritis patients’ immune system has a glitch. It doesn’t function properly! Let’s look at this way.

Your immune system is responsible for safeguarding your body against foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses. 

When a person experiences an autoimmune disease, the immune system mistakenly attacks your joints and tissues. Hence, you feel the pain due to inflammation. 


This autoimmune disease first affects smaller joints like fingers and toes. But as the condition progresses, it affects your knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, shoulders, and hips.

cbd oil for rheumatoid arthritis

A few symptoms are as follows:

  • Swollen, warm, and tender joints
  • Loss of appetite, fever, and fatigue 
  • Joint stiffness – typically worst in the morning or after inactivity

Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk Factors

Here are some factors that can increase your rheumatoid arthritis risk. 


Certain inflammatory diseases run in the family. If your family member is suffering from this painful disease, there is a chance that you might be susceptible to it too. 

Environmental Exposures

Researchers suspect that exposure to solvents and chemicals are raising the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis. 

Moreover, employees exposed to other exposures like silica, asbestos, and dust have a greater risk of developing this autoimmune disease. 


Eating a highly processed, high sugar, and high-fat diet can cause inflammation. Therefore, people who are obese or overweight can develop rheumatoid arthritis. 

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Will CBD Oil Help in Alleviating Rheumatoid Arthritis?

There are various natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as cloves, ginger, and turmeric. But, what makes CBD so unique?

Several laboratory studies suggest that CBD is a promising approach because it has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. 

CBD is derived from a hemp plant. Marijuana and hemp are both different cannabis plants. Marijuana has a high THC content and is capable of producing psychedelic effects. In contrast, hemp has THC levels below 0.3%. 

knee arthritis

CBD cannabinoids modulate the inflammatory response of the body. How? They bind themselves to our body’s immune system receptors and act directly on our immune system. 

Hence, these cannabinoids stop the immune system’s excessive function and provide instant relief to our body.   

Ways of Administering CBD for Rheumatoid Arthritis

People living with rheumatoid arthritis can take CBD in various forms. 

  • Oral consumption – by using CBD oil tinctures or pill/capsules
  • Topical products like creams and gels to apply directly on to your affected area

Moreover, when you apply or use CBD oil, cannabinoids will attach themselves to immune system receptors. They will help these receptors to manage and control inflammation and chronic pain throughout the body. 

List of Brands that Provide the Best CBD Oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis

If you have milder symptoms, 3 to 5% CBD drops will work wonders. However, if you have severe autoimmune disease, you will require a higher percentage of CBD.  

Moreover, the following companies offer hemp extract CBD products.

Furthermore, several rheumatoid arthritis patients typically start from 10% cannabidiol drops. They take these drops sublingually, i.e., underneath the tongue, every evening. 

Taking CBD sublingually is the most effective way because it allows CBD to travel directly into your bloodstream and start working. 

Do You Need a Doctor’s Recommendation or Prescription Before Buying CBD Oil?

No, you will not need any doctor’s recommendation or prescription before buying CBD oil for rheumatoid arthritis. Hemp-based products are legal in the US since they do not contain any THC content. 

Therefore, several USA-based manufacturers ship their hemp CBD products in almost fifty states. 

How Long Will it Take for Cannabidiol Oil to Work?

Every human body and every CBD product is different from one another. Many individuals noticed that it took 20 – 30 minutes to alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. However, it all depends on CBD potency, quality, and dosage. 


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Bottom Line

Various reputable cannabidiol products deliver anti-inflammatory effects that reduce inflammation and provide quick relief. 

Moreover, it is essential to take CBD oil in proper dosages for your well-being because cannabidiol products have negative side effects.