CBD Oil – Everything You Need To Know

by Micheal Reynolds

It’s no surprise that CBD oil has become a popular alternative remedy. CBD is one of at least 104 chemical compounds with the common name “cannabinoids.” As its name suggests, it comes from the marijuana or cannabis plant, the Cannabis sativa.

However, most people are reluctant to use it because it’s a product of cannabis. CBD is not psychoactive, and will not cause the sensation of getting “high.” Another cannabinoid is responsible for that, called Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. And unlike CBD, THC is very psychoactive. Read more about the differences between CBD and THC.

That lack of negative effects is the main reason why CBD has become so appealing to people who are looking for some stress or pain relief. With CBD oil, you can get all of the benefits of a stress-reliever. Naturally, you won’t be subjected to mind-altering side effects of marijuana or other medication with similar results.

Unlike most natural medicine, CBD oil actually has noticeable benefits. Furthermore, numerous scientific studies concluded that cannabidiol could help with many disorders. These include anxiety and chronic pain, to name but a few.

These are the most common health benefits of CBD usage. Keep in mind that this list contains benefits largely proven by the scientists.

1. CBD Oil As A Pain Reliever

Early man knew that marijuana had pain relief properties. In fact, we had been using it since 2900 B.C. But that was way back then. How does it fare now?

After extensive research, scientists discovered that cannabis has components which help with pain relief. CBD is the main component.

Our body contains an endocannabinoid system or ECS. It has an effect on sleep, appetite, pain, and immune system responses. Our body produces many endocannabinoids that act as neurotransmitters. In other words, they link to cannabinoid receptors that exist in our nervous systems.

When you take CBD oil, you can decrease chronic pain. The oil impacts ECS receptors. It further helps inflamed areas of your body. On top of that, it also interacts with various neurotransmitters.

People often have painful responses during surgery when a surgeon makes an incision. CBD injection could help by reducing this pain. If you take CBD oil orally, you can lower sciatic nerve pain and inflammation. Scientists came to both of these conclusions after two studies involving lab rats.

There were other interesting results during studies with human test subjects. For example, if you combine CBD and THC, you can use it well to treat arthritis and multiple sclerosis, or MS.

Sativex, an oral spray containing both CBD and THC, can treat MS-induced pain. During one study, researchers gave Sativex to 47 participants with MS. Results were largely positive. Patients who used this spray felt notably better. Their muscle and walking spasms decreased, and they felt pain relief. Thanks to studies such as this one, several countries approved using Sativex in MS treatment.

CBD oil also helps with rheumatoid arthritis. A separate study involving 58 participants showed that they all experienced improvements. Most of their resting and movement pain was lowered. Furthermore, their quality of sleep also improved.

CBD is a natural alternative to the common prescription drug people use to relieve pain and stiffness. Also, research shows that CBD can reduce chronic inflammation and pain, as well.

2. CBD Oil As An Anxiety And Depression Reducer

Depression and anxiety are serious mental health disorders. Even with treatment, depression remains the biggest contributor to disability in the world. Anxiety disorders follow this number closely, ranking sixth.

Of course, there are many different treatments for both anxiety and depression. However, they have a lot of side effects. These include agitation, drowsiness, insomnia, headaches, and sexual dysfunction. In addition, certain prescription drugs can be very addictive, like BZDs. In fact, they can be more addictive than hard drugs such as crack cocaine or heroin.

However, cannabidiol as an anxiety reducer has almost none of these issues. One study had participants who took either 600 mg of CBD or a placebo drug. In a speaking test that followed, the group which underwent CBD oil treatment showed less anxiety. They also had a smaller degree of cognitive impairment and felt less discomfort overall as they spoke. In other words, their results were better than those of the placebo group.

Cannabidiol has shown great results in treating insomnia and anxiety. More specifically, it helped reduce stress in children with PTSD. A few animal studies followed this. The researchers discovered that CBD oil could have similar effects to an antidepressant on the patient.

CBD has most of these qualities thanks to its ability to act on serotonin receptors in our brains. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that maintains our mood. It is responsible for how our body regulates social behavior.

Cannabis is something that doctors tend to rule out for people with chronic anxiety. That’s because THC can easily trigger anxiousness and paranoia. Unlike THC, CBD can actually help reduce the levels of anxiety in people who suffer from conditions such as panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, OCD and similar.

3. CBD Oil And Cancer Prevention

Without a doubt, cancer is one of the worst diseases. There are various treatments for it, and all of them vary in how effective they are. CBD oil, on the other hand, shows promise when it comes to reducing cancer symptoms. Not only that, but proper use of CBD oil can help with cancer treatment side effects, such as vomiting, nausea, and excessive pain. Did you know that CBD oil helps with loss of appetite?

During one study, 177 participants who experienced cancer pain, but felt no relief from pain meds, took CBD and THC. The participants that only got THC felt some pain reduction. On the other hand, participants that took a mix of CBD and THC felt significant pain reduction.

Then there’s the issue of vomiting and nausea after chemotherapy. Most people that underwent chemo know that there is proper medication for these side effects. However, these meds often don’t achieve the desired effect. It’s no wonder that people are looking for alternatives like CBD. During one study, 16 participants that had chemo treatment used a CBD-THC combination. This combo was administered through a spray. Nearly all participants agreed that this helped lower vomiting and nausea.

Naturally, scientists wanted to see if CBD oil had any anticancer properties. As a result, they performed several animal studies using it. However, it should be noted that the findings don’t fully apply to humans. In fact, they merely suggest what possible effects CBD might have when it comes to dealing with cancer. With that in mind, additional human studies would help conclude if CBD oil has an effect on cancer cells in humans.

One study suggested that a dose of concentrated CBD oimight cause cell death in breast cancer cells. One more study involving mice dealt with this particular cancer as well. Researchers concluded that CBD might inhibit aggressive breast cancer cells from spreading.

CBD oil can be used to prevent cancer from spreading. Some scientific studies show that the CBD compound can help suppress the growth of cancer cells and promote their destruction.

4. CBD Oil And Acne

Almost ten percent of people worldwide deal with acne. It’s a pretty common skin condition, even among adults. A few major factors can cause acne. Those are usually genetic makeup, bacterial infection, underlying skin inflammation, and sebum overproduction. Sebum is an oily secretion that lubricates our skin. It forms inside of sebaceous glands, which are under our skin.

Multiple studies showed that CBD has properties that reduce inflammation. As such, it can be used to decrease sebum production. In other words, CBD oil might be good for your acne problem. One test-tube study showed that CBD had a noticeable effect on the sebaceous cells. When they came into contact with CBD oil, these cells stopped secreting any excess sebum. On top of that, CBD also lowered inflammation and stopped the so-called inflammatory cytokinesis before it manifested. Another separate study yielded similar results.

However, it’s important to note that none of these studies involved human test subjects. In order to fully understand CBD’s effect on acne, more human studies ought to be performed.

Multiple studies showed that CBD has properties that reduce inflammation. As such, it can be used to decrease sebum production. In other words, cannabidiol might be good for your acne problem.

5. CBD Oil – Neuroprotective Capabilities

CBD has noted effects on many systems the brain uses to send signals to your body. One of these is the endocannabinoid system. When used, CBD can have beneficial effects on people who suffer neurological disorders. The research in this area is still new. However, there were many studies where CBD was tested for its effect on treating MS and epilepsy.

A CBD-THC spray, Sativex, reduces MS-induced muscle spasms in a safe, successful way. Scientists used this spray during a study with 276 people. It managed to reduce spasms in 75% of all participants. This study focused on muscle spasticity which prescribed medication couldn’t lower.

Two additional studies in this area were done using CBD oil. In the first one, 214 participants would take 0.9 to 2.3 grams of oil per 1 pound of body weight. CBD successfully reduced seizures by a median of 36.5%. The second study focused on children who suffered from Dravet syndrome. Dravet syndrome is a type of epilepsy that happens in early infancy. Normally high temperatures and fevers trigger it. The results of the second study showed that CBD oil reduced seizures significantly.

People suffering from other neurological disorders might also benefit from using CBD oil as part of their treatment. Several studies involving Parkinson’s disease showed that participants slept better after treatment. Furthermore, their overall quality of life increased. Amazingly, CBD also showed positive benefits in treating or preventing Alzheimer’s disease. As CBD lowers inflammation, it helps prevent nerves from degenerating. During one study, scientists used mice with the genetic predisposition for Alzheimer’s disease. They found that CBD helped by preventing the mice’s cognitive decline.

CBD can have beneficial effects on people who suffer neurological disorders such as epilepsy. Amazingly, CBD showed positive benefits in treating or preventing Alzheimer’s disease. As CBD lowers inflammation, it helps prevent nerves from degenerating.

6. CBD Oil – Heart Benefits

CBD is good for more than just your neurological issues. In fact, it can do wonders with your heart and your circulatory system. Naturally, this includes helping to lower your blood pressure. Most doctors agree that heart pressure can cause many other serious heart conditions, such as heart attacks, strokes, and the metabolic syndrome. Therefore, the most natural way to treat your blood pressure might be CBD oil.

During one study, 10 healthy male participants took just one 600 mg dose of CBD oil. Their resting blood pressure went down successfully. These same men were then put on stress tests. These tests were specifically designed to raise blood pressure. After taking the same dose of CBD, the men yielded positive results. Their blood pressure was lower than it normally would be in these stressful situations. Most scientists agreed that CBD lowers blood pressure because of its ability to help reduce anxiety and stress.

While testing cannabidiol, scientists discovered that it could help prevent heart disease. During several animal studies, CBD successfully lowered inflammation, as well as cell death. In one particular study, researchers used CBD treatment on diabetic mice. They discovered that it helped decrease oxidative stress, which could lead to heart damage.

7. Other Benefits Of CBD Oil

Scientists have tested CBD to see how it reacts to many diseases and conditions. As you’ve seen, most of the testing was done on heart disease, cancer, anxiety, depression, MS, and acne. But CBD had positive results with other, “minor” diseases as well.

For example, CBD oil could help reduce certain psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia. Several studies concluded that using CBD has positive effects on people who have schizophrenia and similar disorders.

A couple of studies dealt with drug and substance abuse. From them, we’ve learned that if you use CBD, you can decrease your drug-seeking behavior and be less dependent. CBD oil has a notable effect on the brain circuits responsible for addiction. Once it alters your circuitry, you’ll have less desire to depend on any substance. Can you use CBD to quit smoking and prevent other addictions?

One more area where CBD had positive results in tumor research. A few studies were done involving animals to check for anti-tumor properties of CBD. The results were promising. CBD might help prevent the spreading of various cancers. These include breast, brain, colon, prostate, and lung cancer.

One more condition CBD oil can help with is diabetes. During an animal study, scientists gave diabetic mice CBD treatments. These treatments lowered the animals’ diabetes incidence by as much as 56%. More than half! Not to mention that CBD oil also lowered diabetic inflammation.

Some Side Effects of CBD Oil Use

Of course, like any other medication, CBD oil has its own side effects. Based on research, CBD won’t harm most people. Mainly because, on average, we have a high tolerance for it. However, there might still be some side effects with some users.

There are two types of side effects with CBD oil use: physical and psychological. Physical side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mouth dryness, drowsiness, and vertigo. Psychological side effects include anxiety, depression, psychosis, appetite changes and mood swings.

You should also keep in mind that CBD oil might cause a reaction if you use it with certain medications. Consult your doctor before you start using CBD oil if you’re already on other meds.

CBD Oil – A Few Closing Words

As you can see, CBD oil comes with more than a few benefits. Scientists conducted multiple studies so we could learn how it might help treat lots of serious health issues. Whether it’s heart disease, anxiety, depression, MS, acne, or arthritis, CBD showed positive results.

CBD oil can alleviate pain and reduce symptoms when it comes to all of these major diseases. And as the research moves onward, more and more uses for this cannabinoid pop up. And while it may not be without its side effects, CBD oil has numerous benefits.

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