CBD Oil In Maryland – Where To Buy?

Even though Maryland has had a long and complicated history with cannabis, it has been making a lot of progress in the past ten years. While recreational marijuana is illegal, the state now has an inclusive medical program that keeps growing every day. If you want to know how and where you can get your hands on the finest CBD oil Maryland has to offer, keep on reading.

The History Of Medical Cannabis In Maryland

The first effort to legalize medical cannabis in Maryland happened in 2013. That’s when Governor O’Malley signed legislation to start a medical marijuana program. With it, patients could get their cannabis in academic medical centers.

Three years later, in 2016, Maryland lawmakers awarded 15 preliminary licenses to companies that could grow cannabis. Also, they gave an additional 15 licenses that allowed a few businesses to process medical marijuana into pills, oils, and other products.

Medical Cannabis In Maryland Now

After four years, Maryland’s medical marijuana program finally began, and the centers opened their doors. As of September 2019, the state has 82 licensed dispensaries, 18 growers, and around 70,000 registered patients.

How To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card

In Maryland, physicians, nurses, podiatrists, dentists, and midwives can certify patients for a medical marijuana card. Currently, there are around 600 registered healthcare providers in the state.

You can apply for a medical marijuana card if you have one of the following conditions:

  • Anorexia
  • Chronic or severe pain
  • Nausea
  • Waste syndrome
  • Seizures
  • Glaucoma
  • Muscle spasms
  • PTSD

To apply for a card, you’ll need a valid ID, an email address, a clear photo of your face, and the last four digits of your social security number. Then, you can head on to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s (MMCC) website and create a patient account.

Once you create your profile and verify your account, you can send an application for the MMCC to review. After a few days, they should send you an email telling you whether you’ll get a card or not.

Keep in mind that, since they get a lot of submissions every day, you might have to wait a bit for the response. Some people even reported waiting 45 days for their email.

Recreational Marijuana Use

Only a decade ago, in 2010, Maryland had the fifth-highest arrest rate for marijuana possession in the U.S. In that same year, marijuana arrests made up nearly 50% of the state’s overall drug possessions. Luckily, they’ve made some progress since then and now only give out fines to those caught carrying 0.3 oz (10 g) or less of marijuana.

Also, if police find bongs or rolling papers on you or catch you smoking in public, you’ll get a $500 fine. But even though recreational marijuana use is illegal in Maryland, they are making efforts to legalize it, and the future seems bright.

Where to Buy the Best CBD Oil Maryland Has to Offer

With your medical marijuana card in tow, you can shop for CBD oil online or in dispensaries.


If you live in one of the bigger cities in Maryland, like Baltimore or Annapolis, you’ll have access to a few dispensaries. All of these shops are state-regulated, and to buy CBD oil there, you only need your card.

However, if you live in rural areas of Maryland, you might have to drive a couple of hours before you can go to a store. So if you can’t leave your home to visit one, shopping online is your best choice.


When you buy CBD oil online, you can choose from hundreds, if not thousands, of different brands. What’s more, you can easily experiment with different potencies, flavors, and dosages. However, since the selection is almost endless, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at first.

That’s where our website can help you. We write and update our recommendations and reviews monthly so you can always stay in the loop and know which products work. Also, we are completely honest about everyone’s prices, flaws, and strengths.

Final Thoughts

As the wave of marijuana legalization keeps sweeping the U.S, Maryland is slowly but surely catching up. Since they piloted the medical marijuana program, more and more patients are applying every day and getting their cards. But if you need some help shopping for the best CBD oil Maryland has to offer, make sure to check out some of our reviews. We can help you figure out what you need and how to get it the easiest way possible.