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Diamond CBD Double Shot Review

Are you looking for a handy CBD drink for your on-the-go lifestyle? This mind-blowing option, the Diamond CBD double shot, is super easy to consume and designed for one-time use.

Its convenient packaging allows users to take CBD double shot anywhere they go. So, you can actually keep relaxation in your pocket all the time. How convenient!

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Diamond CBD Double Shot – Overview

Diamond CBD Double Shot overview

It is perfect for people who do not have much time to have meals with crystalized CBD or prepare e-cig!

CBD double shot 350mg is manufactured from organic industrial CBD hemp oil. Moreover, it is free of THC, contains organic natural flavoring, and is safe for topical usage.

On top of that, it is a CBD alternative to edibles, CBD tinctures, CBD hemp oils, or CBD pills.

Each product Diamond CBD produces is 100% natural, and third-party laboratory tested. 

Diamond CBD Claims

Diamond CBD outlines that

  • The cannabidiol used in this product is obtained from organic and non-GMO plants.
  • Diamond CBD collaborates with Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia farms.
  • Raw materials undergo quality testing.
  • Diamond CBD uses all-natural ingredients that pose no danger.
  • The product is THC-free; hence, a friendly item for THC-sensitive people.   
Diamond CBD claims


CBD Double Shot squeezy packs are quite similar to baby food squeezers. This company has made such convenient and easy packaging for those individuals who are always traveling.

Thus, it enables you to get your CBDs in while you are busy completing agendas.

How to Consume?

To consume CBD Double Shot, simply squeeze the package underneath your tongue, hold it for about thirty seconds, and swallow. That’s it!

Benefits of CBD Double Shot

This instant shot will provide you loads of benefits as it contains cannabidiol in high concentration. This product has proved beneficial for those suffering from pain, inflammation, anxiety, mood swings, and stress.

In short, this shot is designed to help you chill and relax!

Ingredients List

If you are looking for a product that will not get you high and ideal for day-time use, you have landed on the right item. This will fulfill your needs!

This product will not create a psychedelic high because this brand uses a CO2 extraction technique to derive CBD from the hemp plant. Hence, the ingredients present in the CBD Double Shot are entirely safe. 

Furthermore, it is an excellent alternative to CBD pills and hemp oils. This relaxing and potent product contains only two ingredients, i.e.,

  • Cannabidiol from Extremely Active CBD
  • Kosher USP food grade vegetable oil

Moreover, when Diamond CBD was asked about the “Extremely Active CBD,” there was no specific answer to this question. Thus, it is the red flag we noticed.

Smell and Taste Profile

The company only offers a natural flavor, and most people are not fond of its taste. Moreover, when you sniff, it delivers an earthy and herbaceous aroma.

Cannabidiol Content

This double shot will make you yell out, “Wow!”

Cannabidoil content

The CBD Double Shot has thirty milliliters of liquid that gives a total of 350 milligrams of CBD. Each milliliter will provide you 12 milligrams of CBD.


Each CBD double shot bottle costs around $7.99. However, some websites offer discounts and coupon codes; thus, you can buy these squeezy packs around $3.99 to $5.99.

Can You Safely Travel With Cannabidiol Double Shot?

Yes, you can travel by carrying this product on a plane, train, car, or other vehicles. It’s safe to take cannabidiol products because the hemp-derived CBD is legal in the US – thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

Therefore, you do not have to hide your CBD squeezy packet. Carry it proudly wherever you go!

How to Purchase CBD Double Shot?

To buy this item, you have to visit their official Diamond CBD webpage. After opening their website, click “Shop All.” It will greet you with 45 pages having various products.

To narrow down your searches, click the filter option or click “Products” and then “Drinks.” You will see CBD Double Shot with various other shots this company offers.

Voila! Diamond CBD will deliver your product no matter what state you live in because they ship to all fifty states.


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Ending Note

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CBD Double Shot is a good buy because it has organic and natural ingredients, and most importantly, it’s convenient. Moreover, its high potency helps to treat various ailments.