how often to take hemp oil

How Often Can You Take Hemp Oil?

Do you know hemp oil is becoming increasingly popular for its stress relief benefits and effectiveness? However, you can’t just start taking a full-spectrum oil without knowing all the details.

how often to take hemp oil

Find answers to some of the most important questions below. Such as

  • How often to take hemp oil?
  • What is the right dosage?
  • How Do You Know If You Are Dosing Properly?
  • Does it have any side effects?
  • Are There Any Restrictions On Taking Hemp Oil?
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How often to take hemp oil?

If you apply hemp topically, you can use it once to twice a day, depending upon your treating condition.

As for its oral consumption, you can consume the product with a gap of six to eight hours minimum. Start by consuming the dosage, once in a day, then gradually increase it, which brings us to the question, what is the right dosage? Let’s find out!

What Is the Right Dosage?

Every person’s body reacts differently for different things. There is no rule set as to which would be the right dose for you. However, you can start by taking the lowest possible dose, i.e., half a gel cap or quarter to half a dropper.

Stick to this dosage for a few days while monitoring how your body reacts to the hemp oil. 

right dosage

Gradually increase the amount until you get your desired effects. Don’t forget to follow the instructions mentioned on the product as well.

Hemp oil contains CBD and hundreds of compounds that work together to enhance the product’s overall benefits. Thus the serving mentioned on the CBD oil and the hemp oil may look different.

How Do You Know If You Are Dosing Properly? What Are The Side Effects?

Hemp oil does not contain THC or any other psychoactive ingredients and is generally safe to use, which lessens the risk of overdoing it.

As for the side effects, some people may experience slight irritation if applying topically. But you can do a patch test to rule it out.

The other side effect people may face is a digestive issue due to the fatty nature of the oil. You can start by using a smaller quantity and work your way up to the desired dosage.

One of the promising ways to get your correct dosage is by keeping a log on symptoms and relief. Closely monitor your dosage and its effects on your body, report changes with every dosage change.

Are There Any Restrictions?

Hemp oil is generally safe to use. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you must consult your gynecologist or physician. Your body needs to process the food or supplements you consume, and the product may include compounds that result in slowing down or speeding up the way your body metabolizes.

restrictions on taking hemp oil

Moreover, if you are on medication, consult your doctor before using hemp oil. It may interact with your medicine and alter its effect.

Be mindful, if your medicines prevent you from taking grapefruit and grapefruit juice. Both hemp and grapefruit inhibit enzymes that seem to break down a substantial percentage of prescriptions and medications. A low dose of a medicine can become a high dose if it’s not treated correctly.

Can Hemp Oil Help With Diabetes

Can Hemp Oil Help With Diabetes?


Wrap Up

Hemp oil comes with a lot of benefits. However, always start by taking 1/4th to ½ dropper a day and work your way up to evade any reaction.