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Is CBDmd Full-Spectrum CBD? | A Complete Analysis

cbdMD’s mission is to provide its customers with top-notch products. Moreover, they are extremely vigilant about their plants. The company uses vegan-certified, 100% organic, and non-GMO Kentucky-grown hemp. Moreover, every ingredient in their item is non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, and vegan. We wanted to find out whether cbdMD full spectrum products are truly what they claim, full-spectrum.

cbdmd review

cbdMD Review


What Does it Mean When a Product Says Full-Spectrum Or Broad-Spectrum? 

You might have come across various cannabinoid spectrums while searching for CBD oils or CBD products. 

It is crucial to understand the product’s label because each cannabis spectrum will deliver its unique benefits. Cannabis spectrums are of two types –  full-spectrum and broad-spectrum.  

Is CBDmd Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-Spectrum CBD

A full-spectrum extract means that it includes all phytochemicals found naturally in a cannabis Sativa plant. 

An extract will contain cannabidiol, trace cannabinoids, flavonoids, essential oils, terpenes, and THC. However, a full-spectrum product will have the THC content below 0.3%. 

Furthermore, full-spectrum hemp products produce an entourage effect. The active substances, isolated from hemp flowers, team up to intensify the benefits of individual cannabinoids.

Despite its negligible THC level, the full-spectrum cannabidiol can make you fail the drug test if you regularly consume high doses.


Full-Spectrum is Ideal for

  • Cannabidiol users who wish to take advantage of the trace THC content
  • Individuals having severe symptoms that can not be treated with broad-spectrum products
  • People living in those states where medical cannabis is legal 

Broad-Spectrum CBD   

This cannabidiol is the brand-new extract available for purchase. Broad-spectrum, similar to full-spectrum, has cannabidiol and other compounds. 

However, the only difference is that the broad-spectrum products are entirely free of THC. After completing the extraction procedure, the active ingredient, THC, is removed. 

Moreover, the presence of different cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and additional flavonoids and terpenes can create an entourage effect. Plus, it will not make you fail the drug test. 

People go for broad-spectrum cannabidiol because they want similar full-spectrum CBD effects. Plus, they do not want to worry about failing a drug screening and THC accumulation in their system.

Broad-Spectrum is Ideal for

  • People with those conditions that CBD isolate has failed to treat
  • Those who are THC sensitive
  • Individuals residing in those states where there are strict THC rules 
  • First-timers who are scared of the after-effects of THC     

Since you are aware of the difference between the two cannabis spectrum, so what about cbdMD? Does this company offer full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products? 

full spectrum cbdMD

Is cbdMD Full-Spectrum or Broad-Spectrum?

cbdMD sells THC-free, broad-spectrum products, which can last for about two years. 

This company first creates CBD isolate – the most purified form of cannabidiol. An isolate is 99% pure, which means that a gram of isolate powder has about 990 milligrams of cannabidiol.  

broad vs full spectrum CBD

Then, they add isolates into the hemp extract to create stellar pain-relieving and stress-relieving products. 

Moreover, the presence of CBN, terpenes, CBG, CBDV, essential oils, and amino acids in the hemp extract generates an entourage effect – without THC. 

cbdMD third party testing

cbdMD Third-Party Testing


Ending Note

cbdMD always tests its products through third-party laboratories to ensure their effectiveness and safety. Therefore, with cbdMD, it can be guaranteed that you will get exactly what you pay for.