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Premium Jane Oil Review

Premium Jane is an online website that sells premium-quality CBD products. They entered into the flourishing CBD market in 2018, and since then, they have been producing stellar CBD goods. We will review the Premium Jane Oil in this article.

Premium Jane Oil Review

Their products are made from locally-grown organic hemp and offer various products such as gummies, oils, soft gels, topical creams, and capsules. 

Sadly, we live in a world where cannabidiol products are not fully regulated. Today, we are analyzing Premium Jane oil under our microscope to see if it’s worth the buy. 


Premium Jane CBD Review


Features of Premium Jane Oil

This CBD oil possesses several features. You will experience the following benefits:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil; hence, it contains THC levels less than 0.3%
  • The designing of advanced equipment provides low-temperature CO2 extraction
  • Products are always third-party laboratory tested

Hemp Source Used In Premium Jane Oils

This brand uses vegan, organic, and non-GMO hemp that grows in Oregon. They make oils by using stems, stalks, flowers, and leaves, and it creates a final full-spectrum CBD product. 

Licensed with Hemp Pilot Research Farm

Premium Jane managed to have a license agreement, although it is not easy to get one with the Oregon Hemp Research Farm. Moreover, several CBD oil enterprises do not have any commercial agreements. 

Companies with licenses have an opportunity to access the world’s best organic hemp. Therefore, Premium Jane has access to the finest and highest-quality industrial hemp.   

Use ProVerde Labs

Premium Jane uses a reputable analytics lab, like several outstanding CBD companies. This brand uses these labs to validate the content of CBD in their products. They want to create top-notch products, and you can guarantee that their CBD oil items will be of superior quality. 


Ingredients in Premium Jane’s Oil

The formula of Premium Jane is basic, and their CBD oil contains only four ingredients, i.e., 

  • MCT oil
  • Hemp extract
  • Terpenes
  • Natural flavoring

Premium Jane formulates its oil products by using natural ingredients instead of adding artificial flavors. 

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CBD Oil Taste Pure and Fresh

They offer a wide variety of flavors, and you can choose between natural, mint, and citrus flavors. 

Most of the brands use artificial flavorings to mask the raw taste of hemp; however, Premium Jane utilizes 100% organic citrus extract. Honestly speaking, citrus CBD oil tastes the best!

CBD Oil Potency

There are various CBD oils available, and finding the right one that will provide you immediate relief can be quite hard. Do you always end up asking yourself whether I will achieve its therapeutic effects? 

Then, yes! You will, after using Premium Jane Oil. 

It is available in three separate strengths, and each thirty-milliliter bottle contains forty servings. 

  • 300 mg hemp oil – It provides 0.5 mg cannabidiol per drop
  • 600 mg hemp oil – It delivers 1 mg cannabidiol per drop
  • 1000 mg hemp oil – It contains 1.67 mg cannabidiol per drop

Value of CBD oils

They are slightly expensive compared to its competitors. However, you are receiving a top-quality and all-natural product. 

Furthermore, 300, 600, and 1000 mg CBD oil bottles cost around $48, $85, and $124, respectively. It has a pretty good price, especially if you consider its quality, safety, and reliability.  

Administration of CBD Oil

CBD oil is administered orally. You have to place oil drops underneath your tongue and wait for 60 to 90 seconds before ingesting it.  

Purpose of Premium Jane Oil

Premium Jane’s CBD oils are best for people with various ailments and symptoms, such as chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and stress. Moreover, they help to manage symptoms of autism. 

Premium Jane Tincture

Who Should Use These CBD Oils?

These oils are an excellent choice for those people who are in search of high-quality extracts with GMO-free ingredients at an economical price. 

Unlike those CBD providers that offer poor customer service, Premium Jane offers much better support to its customers. This company emphasizes that customers are their top priority.     


CBD cream topical

Premium Jane Gummies Review


Ending Note

Premium Jane oil is the premium product that comes from organic and non-GMO Oregon farms. It is made with CO2 extraction; therefore, these oils do not contain any harmful materials.

Moreover, its various CBD potencies will let you find the perfect product according to your experience and consumption style. Their excellent customer services, high-quality, and different flavors of CBD oils at a fair price attract customers big time.