CBDistillery Review

CBDistillery review – a company from Denver, Colorado, which is one of the capitals of the CBD movement in the US. And we have to say that we’re amazed by their effort to bring top quality CBD products at somewhat low prices. Their products are sure to fit everyone’s budget. Although they’re not the cheapest brand we’ve seen, their price to quality ratio is worth noting. Join us in this article as we bring you our official CBDistillery review.

The folks at CBDistillery are certainly earning good money with their CBD oil sales. But, the real goal of their company is to provide research and education about the health effects of CBD. Their motto is: “With every slab we break, we have the opportunity to spread the #CBDMOVEMENT.” So far, they have certainly proven their devotion to their customers and the legalization of cannabis.

cbdistillery products review

Official Website: www.thecbdistillery.com


Highlights And Downsides

Unlike other companies, CBDistillery doesn’t only focus on making money. They put a lot of effort into quality and accessibility. They ship to all 50 US states, and they’re a prime advocate for the health benefits and research of CBD products. With that being said, here are a few reasons why they caught our attention:

CBDistillery Is A Member Of The National Hemp Association

Let’s face it; the cannabis industry is young and still largely unregulated. Few companies aim for any standards and quality control. Not to mention the sheer number of illegal businesses out there.

That’s why people at CBDistillery are different — making money is not their only goal. They want to bring CBD products to the general public in a healthy and productive light. The N.H.A. is a non-profit organization with a goal of improving all aspects of the hemp industry, and CBDistillery shares that goal.

CBDistillery Works With Both CBD-isolates And Full-spectrum Extracts

Some companies make incredible products with CBD-isolates, but their focus is too narrow. As such, they get negative feedback for not having full-spectrum extracts. With recent studies showing how full-spectrum extracts have a greater effect on health, it’s crucial for any CBD company to keep up with the demand.

CBDistillery offers both CBD-isolates and full-spectrum oils. They’re one of the few companies that do so. Don’t take this the wrong way — CBD-isolates aren’t “bad,” and they’re certainly still important for pain-relief and self-medication. For example, we can use CBD-isolates in vaping devices as a highly effective form of therapy. CBD-isolates also don’t include any raw hemp taste that comes with full-spectrum oils.

CBDistillery Has Some Of The Most Unique CBD Products

Once we learned about this, we just couldn’t leave it out of the CBDistillery review. CBDistillery is currently the only company to sell CBD suppositories. Yes, those are CBD capsules that we can take anally. You have to be very progressive to come up with such an idea in a society full of stigma. But, even though it sounds crazy, there is a real medical reason behind that. The rectum is one of the most absorbent areas in the body, mainly due to a large number of capillary beds.

The potency of a CBD suppository isn’t guaranteed only by rectal absorption; suppositories avoid something that’s called “first-pass metabolism.” Basically, that means that any drug taken orally loses a part of its potency while it gets metabolized in the liver and stomach.

This phenomenon isn’t a problem for drugs like antibiotics, but it can affect the potency of cannabinoids. While antibiotics metabolize in the liver and affect our blood and immune system, cannabinoids affect our CNS and can lose potency. That is why it’s important to preserve as much potency as possible. Therefore, CBD suppositories are a great idea.

CBDistillery Offers A Wide Variety Of Products For Inhalation

We can’t help but admire that they make it absolutely clear that their oral CBD products are not supposed to be used for inhalation. Some companies actually claim that their oral drops can be used as vape juices, which is crazy.

Although it’s “possible,” it completely defeats the purpose. As a result, we don’t recommend it at all. Oils have to be treated before they can even be used as vape juices. No worries, CBDistillery has a wide range of dedicated CBD products like e-liquids and vape-juices.

CBDistillery Provides Lab Results For Potency And Purity

Today, most CBD companies work with some kind of third-party lab to analyze their products; it’s standard stuff. However, CBDistillery takes it one step further and actually posts lab reports on every product they sell. They work with ProVerde Laboratories, and they make sure that all of their CBD products are pure and have accurate potency ratings.

CBDistillery Downsides

Of course, we couldn’t say that CBDistillery is the best CBD company on the face of the Earth; no company can be the “best” per se. Each company and each CBD product has its perks and downsides. The only negative thoughts we have is that there are way more potent products out there.

However, we have to be aware that we can’t really expect a medical-grade product at a low price. CBD isn’t an FDA-approved drug, and CBD products don’t always work. So, we should always try different products to see which one works best for us.

CBDistillery is a great choice for casual CBD users. Their products are good for mild pains or stress, but not for people with serious conditions.

CBDistillery Review – Conclusion

We just couldn’t find high-quality CBD products at such affordable prices. With CBDistillery, we can expect only the purest CBD with lab results to back up each product they sell.

So, they’re great for casual users that experience mild pains and anxiety. Another thing worth mentioning is their unique CBD suppository. They definitely think ahead, and we can see only success in their future.

With this, we conclude our CBDistillery review; we definitely think they’re worth the attention. You’re welcome to check them out and see for yourself.

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  • Reputable company
  • Top quality products
  • Legal in all 50 states
  • Won’t make you feel high
  • A huge variety of products
  • Free shipping on domestic orders over $75
  • Low price
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  • Mixed customer reviews