5 Reasons Why CBD Oil Is Not Working

CBD oil work differently on different people. For some, they work quickly whereas, for others, it may take weeks to see any change. It is not fair to expect instant results — many variables influence the effect of CBD oils on our body. For instance, if you’re using a high-potency CBD oil, it may suit your body well. But if you choose an oil with a smaller concentration of CBD, it may not have any effect at all. You will feel frustrated, thinking CBD oil is not working its way through your body!

So, it’s best to understand the factors that play the part in making CBD oils work. People who don’t have patience feel CBD oil is not working and may give up quickly. But, patience is of utmost importance.

However, if CBD oil is not working even after trying everything in the book, take a look at the top reasons why this may be happening.

Why A CBD Oil Is Not Working?


CBD oils act as supplements to endocannabinoids which are naturally produced in the body. In about 15–20% of the population, there is a tendency to produce higher levels of endocannabinoids which is good for such people. But on the other hand, CBD oils may not work as effectively on them, since their body already has enough endocannabinoids.


Just like other medication, the way we take in CBD matters. Bioavailability is the percentage of CBD that enters our bloodstream. When taken sublingually (by placing a drop of the oil below the tongue), more CBD enters our bloodstream. If you take a capsule of the same potency, a much smaller percentage of CBD enters the bloodstream.

So, if CBD oil is not working after taking it for a long time, you can try changing the form in which you are consuming it.

Products And Brands

Before deciding which form of CBD oil to consume, we must decide where to buy it from. Generally, it is best to buy high-quality oils though they cost more than low-quality ones. You can be sure of not having to compromise on the quality. Also, you can check company reviews before buying any product. Some companies make third-party lab test reports available to customers. If the company is open about its test results, rest assured that it has nothing to hide.

Apart from this, you should check the company’s track record. There are so many companies making CBD products that it is hard to filter out the bad ones. You may have to try a couple of brands before choosing CBD oil that suits you best.

Also, you should be aware of the type of oil you are buying. There are full spectrum, zero-TCH isolates or hybrid oils. If one kind does not yield results, you could try other types.

Dose Of CBD

In the beginning, it is difficult to ascertain how much CBD oil we should consume so it works effectively. It is not like a painkiller OTC pill, where we know one pill in the morning and another at night should do the trick. When it comes to CBD dosage, it is highly subjective. The right dose depends on the type of body, metabolism, weight, the severity of the problem, and chemical balance, among other factors.

So, the only way to find the right dosage for you is by experimentation. You can use tools like CBD dosage calculator that is available on the internet, to begin with. Over time, you will find the right balance and a dose that’ll ensure maximum efficacy of the oil. When you start, you can log your doses and keep track of them.

Keep in mind that you should monitor your dosage continuously. You might find the best dose quickly, but the balance can tip under the influence of other factors. For example, if your condition becomes worse, you may have to increase your dosage or buy oils with more potency. Or if you switch from one brand to another, you may have to experiment with dosage all over again.

CBD Tolerance

When a person starts smoking, they develop a tolerance for cigarettes after a while. The effect of one cigarette isn’t felt even after smoking two or three cigarettes, and so on. Taking CBD oils is somewhat similar to this situation. After a while, you will see that your tolerance for CBD has gone up. You may have to take a higher dose to feel the oil’s effect, and you’d still feel that CBD oil is not working. But this can prove to be costly after a point.

If you’re feeling saturated, it’s best to take a break from CBD oils. Your body’s natural endocannabinoid receptors will reset, and after a few weeks, you will start to feel the CBD oils working on your body again.


“Patience is key” are the golden words to keep in mind while taking CBD oils. They take their own time to work on our body — they are not magical cures. And of course, they may not be working due to the reasons we discussed. It is good to be practical and have realistic expectations, rather than jumping to the conclusion that CBD oil is not working!