Where To Buy CBD Oil In Wisconsin?

For many of us looking to buy the best CBD oil Wisconsin has to offer, this feat has proven tricky.

For a long time, cannabis has been a hot topic. Its potential health benefits and dangers have been pinned against each other in a tough gladiator battle for legalization.

In Wisconsin, buying CBD oil legally was almost impossible for many years. Luckily, nowadays, the legal system is willing to recognize the benefits of cannabinoid-infused products. Thus it is now possible to get a hold of CBD oil safely, legally and conveniently.

Why Choose CBD Oil?

Multiple studies have shown that consuming CBD (cannabidiol) oil with traces of THC lower than 0.3% or no THC can have various health benefits. The best part is that there is no side-effect of getting high! It can help with epilepsy, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, surgical pain, multiple sclerosis, and many other conditions.

CBD comes in different forms and everyone reacts to it differently. For this reason, we wish to emphasize the importance of doing your research on the product you need and the correct way to use it.

Legal Status Of CBD Oil In Wisconsin

Legal status of CBD oil Wisconsin has been through a rocky road. Wisconsin is one of the few US states where laws regarding cannabis are confusing and don’t always seem to be in line with each other. Therefore, we find it important to explore this topic in greater depth.

The Past

In 2014, the state of Wisconsin passed a bill nicknamed “Lydia’s Law.” It nominally legalized CBD for the treatment of severe seizures.

At the time, it was still nearly impossible for people to actually get hold of CBD legally. The name of the bill was inspired by a 7-year-old girl named Lydia, who suffered from a rare condition causing her to experience multiple seizures in her sleep. Her parents fought a long legal battle to get her the treatment she needed. Sadly, Lydia would not get the chance to see the law in full effect, as she passed away not long after.

In 2017, the Wisconsin Senate amended “Lydia’s Law.” This act made it possible to possess CBD if a certified physician has prescribed it. The amendment allowed parents to buy CBD-based products for children with seizures with a doctor’s slip.

The Present

Wisconsin law states that you can possess a cannabidiol product with a certificate which is no older than a year. However, you don’t need this certificate to possess hemp or a prescription drug approved by the FDA.

Growing industrial hemp is legal in Wisconsin, as long as it’s done in accordance with the federal law. On the other hand, possession of marijuana, a close relative in the same plant species as hemp, is illegal. For this reason, CBD oils containing traces of THC, the cannabinoid which makes you “high,” can be tricky to obtain. The safest bet is probably to get a prescription from your doctor before purchasing CBD oil in Wisconsin.

Buying CBD Oil Wisconsin

Legal difficulties haven’t stopped businesses from pursuing CBD oil trade in recent years.

Grocery Stores

Large chain grocery stores are beginning to display CBD oils and other cannabinoid-infused products on their shelves. However, they are still rare due to legal discrepancies.

Specialty Shops

A number of cities across the state have specialty shops which offer CBD oils from locally grown hemp plants. They are usually small, family-run businesses.

Alternative Medicine, Vape And Head Stores

Regular CBD oil sold in bottles can be found in stores that sell alternative medicine since it is a natural remedy. CBD oil is also available as a vaping liquid, so if you are 21 or older, this may be another way to get CBD oil in Wisconsin.

Legal Dispensaries

Since Wisconsin’s law on CBD is so strict, legal dispensaries are fairly uncommon but offer high quality products. Therefore, they are one of the best physical places to get CBD oil Wisconsin.

Online Stores

Shopping online gives you the opportunity to browse the largest selection of top quality CBD products from the comfort of your home. Our platform can offer you some great choices for safe online shopping. Some of our top picks of online stores include:

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To Conclude

The legal status of CBD oil in Wisconsin is still complicated. Despite that, there are still many shopping options available for those who need it. Hopefully, this guide will make shopping for CBD oil Wisconsin much easier for you.