CBD Oil In Virginia – Where To Buy CBD?

Over the years, CBD oil has risen a lot of dust. Numerous research studies have come up with results proving that cannabidiol has several beneficial effects on the body. Those discoveries broke new ground in the medical world, opening the door to alternative ways of relieving many widespread conditions. While we are still waiting for the dust to settle, the demand for CBD oil is on the rise. As of December 2018, CBD products have been legal in almost all states, including Virginia. However, along with CBD legalization, a host of diluted products and unreliable dealers appeared on the market. Here, we break down all the facts you’ll need to distinguish reputable products from those not worth wasting your time and money on. We conclude by suggesting where you can get the best CBD oil Virginia can provide.

The Long Journey To Legalization

People didn’t always associate cannabis with drug abuse. In fact, people used hemp for centuries for a variety of purposes. It served both as a seed and a fiber to make textiles, paper, cosmetic products, and construction materials. It also had many uses as an agricultural commodity.

However, during the twentieth century, the government pronounced marijuana an intoxicating substance. To hinder its recreational use, the government passed the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act, imposing heavy taxes on growing cannabis for any purpose. Unfortunately, both strains of cannabis, meaning hemp and marijuana, were blacklisted and pronounced illegal in the process. As a result, the cultivation of hemp decreased, and it slowly became synonymous with marijuana.

However, from a chemical standpoint, the two varieties of cannabis couldn’t be more far apart. Namely, the chemical composition of marijuana shows that it contains anywhere between 15–40% of the psychoactive compound THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, while its CBD levels are low. In contrast, hemp is rich in CBD, while its THC content is below 0.3%, rendering it non-intoxicating.

Things looked even bleaker for hemp production when the Controlled Substance Act in 1970 included all strains of cannabis on the Schedule 1 drug list, alongside heroin.  Due to the stigma that accompanied hemp after the passing of this resolution, its production plummeted.

However, the 2014 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp, containing 0.3% THC or less. Although that mainly referred to its cultivation for purposes of academic and scientific research, hemp growth was finally getting off the ground. And analyses revealed a multitude of medicinal benefits of cannabidiol.

As of 2018, CBD is officially legal nation-wide, but individual states can pass their laws. Currently, in Virginia, CBD from both hemp and marijuana is legal; however, the recreational use of the latter is not.

How to Recognize A Good Product?

There are numerous CBD oil brands on the market. If you are feeling unsure about which product to go for, then we are sure that you will find our guidelines helpful.

First and foremost, high-quality CBD oil is safe, pure, and effective. It is also potent, meaning it contains the proper amounts of cannabinoids while having no chemicals or heavy metals in its composition.

Next, a good CBD oil derives from industrial hemp and is extracted using the CO2 method. A third-party laboratory then tests its quality, ensuring that the final product is a top-notch one. If a manufacturer doesn’t have those test results to affirm the purity and potency of their products, it’s best to steer clear from them.

CBD Oil In Virginia – Where To Find The Best Quality Products?

Since the CBD oil market is still somewhat unregulated, the directions we provided above are the most reliable ways of determining the product quality. Needless to say, that is quite difficult to do looking at the sealed bottle in a store. For the time being, it is wisest to see what CBD oil Virginia has to offer online. Our website can help with that. We have numerous reviews of many CBD oil brands, and you can be sure that we give impartial judgments on their products. What they all have in common is that they are industrial hemp-derived oils, properly extracted, third-party lab tested, and safe. Therefore, all you have to worry about is which brand offers the best potency, flavor, and price options for you. If you happen to have any doubts or questions about CBD oil Virginia, feel free to contact us!