is cbdmd legit

Is cbdMD Legit | Complete Store Check

The CBD and hemp industries are booming these days, and you will see plenty of unscrupulous people hyping up about the fake products. But the underlying question is, is cbdMD legit? 

cbdMD is the Kentucky-based company whose practices are transparent. While the company claims to have the cleanest CBD extraction and processing methods, let’s find out if their products are safe and effective.

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cbdmd review

cbdMD review


About cbdMD

cbdMD uses non-GMO, 100% organic hemp weeded out from Kentucky, and then it is made at a North Carolina facility. 

cbdMD is an industry giant and a top-notch US company and they distribute their high-quality and safe CBD products to over 4000 stores. 

Moreover, they provide lab reports to the public that verifies both the purity of the product and CBD content.

Is cbdmd legit

This brand also provides plenty of information on the working culture and its team. cbdMD sells superb quality CBD products such as tinctures, gummies, bath bombs, oils, creams, edible treats, and vape juice. 

Furthermore, all of these products that cbdMD offers have various ingredients customized to provide maximum effect with minimal side effects.

Third-Party Lab Tests

But how did cbdMD become such a well-known CBD provider? And what draws people towards this company? 

Like any legitimate company would do, cbdMD submit their products to the third-party lab for independent testing.  

It is an ideal way to prove their customers and erase their inevitable question, i.e., Is cbdMD legit? 

SC Laboratories perform independent testing on their oil products, and after carrying out the test, their reports are accessible on their website. 

third party lab tests

These reports on their webpage verify their claim of safety, cannabinoid content, and potency. It is compulsory to carry out these types of tests, and it is good to see that different brands are taking such initiatives. 

However, the company does not publish single laboratory test results and does not display its products’ final reports. 

Not to mention, cbdMD does not try to conceal test results. They have put all the necessary information on their webpage for the public to view. All you have to do is Google Search!  

Besides, cbdMD products are absolutely clean and safe, and their advanced processing and extraction method assures the users that these products are harmless and have no side effects.  

cbdMD Product’s Drug Test

cbdMD products will not let you fail the drug test even if you use them in higher quantities. This is because this brand does not make use of a full-spectrum extract; therefore, these products have 0% of THC.

cbdMD isolates the cannabidiol from a hemp plant and adds CBD to various natural ingredients. The company adds it separately, so there are no chances of tetrahydrocannabinol to be found in an extract. 

However, it also signifies that various levels of filtration and processing can degrade the organic hemp extract.  

cbdmd oil review

cbdMD Oil Review


Is CBDmd Legit? – Ending Note

cbdMD is a legitimate brand that ships throughout the US, with products backed up by third-party laboratory testing. 

They use broad-spectrum CBD oils in their products, which is safe. Plus the products are checked at every stage of the production process.

Considering these positives, it’s fair to say that cbdMD is legit and a trustworthy store.